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A simple and independet mind does not toil at the bidding of any prince

Call Me Alp

I have been wandering on the surface of the Earth (mostly my homeland Turkey) for a quarter century. Nature and space is my religion. I don't love to read with a burning passion yet I try to read as if I do. Artifical Intelligence, Modern Physics and Philosophy are my favorite topics. My mind is at the pessimist side of a realist by default; I try to slap it down when I am around other people. Yay! I find abundant joy in quoting and referencing stuff. Salute Mr. Melville.

Pink Floyd, Miles Davis & Beethoven

If I am awake, there is a good chance that I am listening to one of these fellas. Some other artists I listen often: Tracy Chapman, Ray Charles, Tom Waits and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. Just a little heads up, you might not enjoy the song as much as I do when I sing along.

Wimbledon, Enceladus & Grapes of Wrath

I enjoy both playing and watching tennis at this Golden Age of the sport. Roger, Rafael, Novak, Stan and many other players inspire me towards tennis, sports and life.
I get goosebumps everytime I think about the vast universe, the possiblity of life in other planets and magic-like outcomes that Modern Physics and Technology indroduced to human kind.
Honestly, the act of reading does not interest me much. What interests me is to obtain the perspective and the knowledge of the author about the topic. So I read, as much as I can. I did manage to disciplinize myself to read as often as possible. I believe this is the easiest way to be superior to your former self.

Green Hills of Africa

The dream is to visit everywhere I can, though I might and probably will favor few places. Africa seems to have no rivalry. Wild life of North America and Mountains of New Zeland (Peter Jackson might have some credit here) are among the places I hope to see before the curtain falls.

The Gamer

I have been playing video games since my father introduced me the game called Warcraft. Even though I lack the motivation I once had towards gaming, after all these years and so many distinct games, everytime I listen to the soundtracks of Starcraft or Warcraft, I feel some soreness at the edges of my eyes. Special thanks to Blizzard, for all those memories!

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Alp Avanoglu

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